Over the years, there have been rising concerns about the state of our environment. Individuals and companies alike have responded to these concerns by taking action and using “green” practices: structured recycling programs, picking up garbage, reducing waste, etc. Amongst these practices, and probably one of the most prominent campaigns, is the push towards paperless offices. You may be familiar with verbiage such as “Go Green, Go Paperless" or the claim of an "Environmentally Friendly Paperless Office".


Wireless printers have been available for the consumer market for quite some time and have recently become available to the corporate market with larger LaserJet network printers and Multi Function Units. Wireless enterprise printing involves being able to send a file or document to a printer in any location from a device in any location.

IT decisions for the 21st century need to be smarter than ever. The global economy is on its way out of recession, and companies are looking for ways to optimize their capital and operational expenses in every way. A solution that can help in both of these areas, which many businesses don’t usually think about, is to better control printing costs with a managed print solution.

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