Wireless Printing

Wireless printers have been available for the consumer market for quite some time and have recently become available to the corporate market with larger LaserJet network printers and Multi Function Units. Wireless enterprise printing involves being able to send a file or document to a printer in any location from a device in any location.

With the ability to print from anywhere in the office and through company email systems, wireless printing solutions have never been so affordable and easy to use. Wireless network printers can be set up in central locations for everyone to use, which enhances guest access for employees and partners who may be visiting, and allow people from remote locations to access printing as well. Ensuring that corporate documents remain secure,  enterprise-wide software integrates with a company’s information technology infrastructure by implementing safety measures such as passwords and encryptions.

Wireless printing applications are now available that allow you to print from your smart phone. People on-the-go are now able to print to thousands of printers worldwide. Safety features on these printers ensure that only the authorized person can collect the document printed by issuing a code when the printer is selected. This code unlocks the print job once entered.

Most companies today are choosing to support the changing work styles of employees in an effort to attract the best talent. More people are choosing to work on-the-go and outside the office, therefore, having the ability to print wirelessly from anywhere can help improve corporate flexibility, save time and money and reduce multiple devices. Going wireless is the way of the future for businesses and wireless printing is an ideal solution to go along with the changes in the workplace, helping to increase efficiency within the office.

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