Print & Paper's Environmental Story

Over the years, there have been rising concerns about the state of our environment. Individuals and companies alike have responded to these concerns by taking action and using “green” practices: structured recycling programs, picking up garbage, reducing waste, etc. Amongst these practices, and probably one of the most prominent campaigns, is the push towards paperless offices. You may be familiar with verbiage such as “Go Green, Go Paperless" or the claim of an "Environmentally Friendly Paperless Office".


The message here is clear: If you don’t use paper, you’re being environmentally friendly. If you do, you’re not!

The question then must be asked, “Is this really true?”

Here are some things you probably did not know about the paper and print industry:

In fact, the paper and print industry facilitates responsibly managed and maintained forests. By encouraging more responsible printing tactics, we can eliminate waste and use print without feeling like we are damaging the environment.

So, next time that you see a “Go green; Go paperless” ad, remember that there is another side to that coin. Print & Paper have a great environmental story to tell!

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